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Commissioning a bespoke jewel does require that you do a little bit of planning ahead.
All my jewels are entirely handmade, a process I hope you appreciate can be long and labour intensive, so being able to turn things around in a matter of days is unfeasible.
Sourcing special stones from around the world is also a process that can take several weeks.
It is therefore essential that you allow sufficient time for your commission.
Though I will strive to meet any deadline you might have, the more time you allow the better. Lead times in the region of 4-6 weeks are ideal, but more complex or figurative designs may take a little longer.
More time may also be required in the run up to Christmas when the workshop is at its busiest.
Commissioning a bespoke item of jewellery might seem like a daunting prospect, but it need not be.
The easiest way to start the process is to simply send me an email outlining your requirements and/or any ideas you may have yourself. If you have trouble explaining what you want in words, send me images of jewellery you like or anything that inspires you or is relevant. The more information the better.
No one likes to talk about money, but it would also be useful to know your final budget and, if the jewel is required for a special occasion, your deadline for delivery.
If you wish to keep the commission a secret, (perhaps for a surprise engagement) then please let me know at the onset and I will do all I can to ensure that all correspondences are treated with the utmost discretion.
I will respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.
Face to face meetings can be arranged, depending on location, but it is entirely possible to complete the process ‘at a distance’ with no direct meetings.
Clear communication routes are vital for the smooth running of the process. Ideally I will require an email address, telephone number and mailing address.
After receiving your initial enquiry, I will email or telephone you with any further questions I may have. If I feel I then have enough information to proceed, I will set about producing some initial pencil sketches of your commissioned jewel.
I will produce several alternatives and present some images of possible stones you may wish to consider, either photographs of stones I already have, or if it is something that would have to be sourced specifically, a generic image of the stone variety/type/colour, etc. I may have in mind.
The pencil sketches and photographs will be emailed to you as a pdf document, with a follow up telephone call to make sure everything is clear.
Depending on any research your project may require, sketches can usually be supplied in a few days.
I will advice you if your budget is adequate for your requirements.
There is no obligation at this stage.
If you are happy that the designs are progressing in the right direction, at this point I would ask you for a £250*, fully refundable deposit, before I fine tune the design and produced a more detailed, full colour drawing/drawings. The design may undergo a few alterations as we proceed, but that is all part of the creative process. These drawing are again emailed as pdf documents.
The more detailed drawings will help my goldsmiths and I to estimate the amount of precious metal required and the number and size of precious stones and diamonds needed.
Once we are happy that the design has been resolved, I will post you a full colour life size drawing of your jewel for your approval and the projected costs for its creation.
At this stage if you decide not to continue your deposit will be refunded.
If you are happy for me to proceed with the creation of your jewel, I will ask you for a 50%* (of the total cost) down payment to confirm your commission.
I will then begin the process of sourcing your gemstones and working with my team of goldsmiths to make your special jewel a reality.
Depending on the type and complexity of your commission, I may need to send you wax, paper or sterling silver models,
to ensure everything is on track and to your liking, and that you are happy with sizes and scale.
I will try to keep you fully informed at every stage, supplying you images and even video of the stones as they are sourced, and photographs of the goldsmiths at work. This enables you to watch your jewel take shape and feel part of the process.
Once your jewel is completed to my full satisfaction, I will send you a series of images and video so you can see the final product.
The balancing payment is required in full within 7 days before your jewel will be dispatched.
All jewels are beautifully packaged and securely shipped with full insurance.
All commissioned orders above £5000 will also receive a complimentary, glossy, full colour brochure.
This outlines the complete design process and features images of your jewel through it’s various
stages of creation.
All precious metals will have full UK hallmarks.
*All credit/debit card payments can be made via PayPal.
Payments by cheque will have to clear before further stages are undertaken.
If you have any questions about the commissioning process or if you
want to get the ball rolling, please do not hesitate to contact me: