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RING SIZES Vintage Gents Vintage
Malaia Garnet - 4.20 ct
Diamonds - 0.40 ct, G, VS1
18 Carat Yellow Gold
6.8 grams gross - Size O (UK)
Garnet is an extremely varied and complex family of gemstones, with discoveries being made all the time. A new variety, recently unearthed in the Umba Valley gem fields in Tanzania, is a hybrid between spessartite and pyrope. The miners were expecting to find the purple-pink garnet variety called rhodolite, but these new stones were found in shades of red-orange and orange-pink. They subsequently named these new garnets ‘malaia’, Swahili for ‘misfit’.
This particular example, not only has a beautiful, deep orange-pink body colour, but has also been finished in an incredibly detailed fancy ‘octillion’ cut, with rays of vivid, fiery colours emanating from it’s centre. The colour and cut make for a winning combination.
Teamed with high quality, white, trilliant cut diamonds and luxurious, hand-made yellow gold, the end result is not only a classic twist on a traditional three stone gem-set ring but is absolutely breathtaking.
Size O (UK) and resizeable, please contact me for details.